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Vintage Cars that One Can Own With Less Than ks150,000

As time progresses and the years go by, certain cars start to see a rise in value and become collectible vintage items that can make good investement. These vehicles can appreciate in value as they get older. Below are examples of such great vintage cars.

VW BEETLE- Although it has not been in production for decades, the volks wagen beetle is one of the best known cars around the world. Many beetles are still in operation today.

SUZUKI MARUTI GYPSY- The Suzuki maruti gypsy is a sporty car that is fun to drive and easy to maintain. It's interior is comfortable for even taller people.

PEUGEOT 504- This car is famous for being extremly comfortable with oversize suspension springs and also has a great steering feel. It gives the sensation that you are driving a mercedes.

SUBARU LEONE- The Subaru leone has a boxer engine which price u we more power but is a bit loud. This car performs well in mud situations and the interior it's interior is also great

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