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The Ugliest cars that you can buy in Kenya.

Most people want stylish cars as they make them look cool and awesome. Even though there are many stylish car models in Kenya, there are some that are not very pleasant to the eye. Below is a list of some of the most ugly cars in Kenya.

1. Nissan Juke.

A Nissan Juke is the cheapest SUV that you can buy in Kenya. This is because a 2014 Nissan juke costs 1.4 million Kenya shillings. Even though this car is reliable, the designers were not that good as the car was shaped like a frog.

2. Bajaj Qute.

In some countries, the Bajaj Qute doesn't qualify to be called a car as it has a maximum speed of 70km/h. This vehicle is perfect for the taxi business. However, it is not very common in Kenya as it is overpriced and its shape is not that desirable.

3. Toyota Prius.

The Toyota Prius is one of the best selling hybrid cars in the world. Most people go for this car because of fuel efficiency and not the shape. This is because the shape is dull with small tires that make the car look very odd.

4. Nissan wingroad.

The Nissan wingroad seems like a good choice for anyone who would like a reliable car. This is because this car has proven to be very efficient and can take any abuse that the kenyan roads have to offer. This car is not that pleasing to the eye as its interior is very basic and boring.

5. BJ50.

The BJ50 is a car that is locally made in Kenya. This car is not loved by many Kenyans and has faced criticism over its poor design. This car has Sharp edges and a box like design which makes it very ugly.

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