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How to Change the Language in Your Car.

Toyota makes up the vast majority of the car brands imported from Japan.

However, since most automotive systems are programmed in Japanese or Chinese, new car owners frequently have trouble configuring systems like the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Here are some instructions on how to switch the language of your car:

1. Turn off the vehicle

It is advised that the automobile owner turn off the engine to restart the system before changing the language program in the system.

One should quickly restart the car after turning it off before selecting a different language from the menu.

2. Modify the Menu's Language Settings

One should locate the language menu on the navigation system on the dashboard after starting the car.

The language or LANG icon will be present in the majority of vehicles. One can set the system's language to either English by default or any other language of their choice by clicking the icon.

The car should immediately begin operating in the new language after changing the language.

However, a driver can utilize their phone to help them navigate the system when they are having trouble with the language during the process.

The Google Translate software, which can be downloaded from the Play Store and installed on your phone, is one of the best solutions for navigating the menu when it is entirely in Japanese.

All you have to do is point your smartphone's camera at the text you wish to translate using the app. After doing this, your phone's display will show English as the language, according to Car Japan.

If the system has a DVD player, it is also advisable to purchase a desired language disc.

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