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Top 4 Dumb Things Not To Do To Your Car

1. Never jumpstart your car backward. If you look at any car battery, you will see one side has a plus, and the other side has a minus on it. So when you jumpstart a car, be careful not to mix up positive and negative connections, since they can melt batteries and cause personal injuries. and you can also have serious electrical problems in your car. you can destroy the alternator, or the main computer of the car so never jumpstart a car backwards. Make sure you know how to use jumper cables without confusing positive and negative connections, Always put the positive on the positive and the negative on the negative.

2. Driving the car on empty. In Kenya, it's commonly known as driving on E. If you are running low on fuel, put some more fuel in. Don't try to start a car that has run out of fuel. because if your car is running on empty and it won't start and you keep cranking on the engine the fuel pump will suck in air and burn itself out, and this will lead to pulling out the fuel tank and changing the pump assembly which is very costly. So if a fuel gauge is stuck on empty and it won't start don't keep trying to start the car, put some fuel in it first.

3. Not changing oil frequently enough. Not changing your engine oil will lead to the engine blowing up, Changing oil frequently is important especially to modern vehicles because most of them have variable valve timing, these engines have small holes that oil has to go through, and if you clog the holes you will spend thousands in repair costs. Always ensure you regularly put oil in your car every 3,000 -5,000Kms, And if you are one of those people who forget to change oil, you should use full synthetic oil, You can change that every 9,000-10,000Kms it costs a lot more but it also lasts a lot longer.

4. Failure to change the coolant in your car. Coolant wears out over time and should be changed out. It's a simple thing to do. If you use conventional antifreeze, you change it 1-3 years. and if you use extended-life antifreeze, you can change it out once every five years.

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