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How To Drive Safely At A High-Speed

1). Learn to brake

Use the brake to slow down and shift to a much safer gear. This is useful when you want to prevent a collision between two vehicles or driving in a populated area.

2). Get rid of all distractions

Get rid of all distractions like any blinking lights, loud music, cell phones and food items. Also ask your friends to be quieter if you don't function well under noise and pressure.

3). Look ahead of yourself

Always make sure you can see the road. Adjust your car seat position to be able to look far and wide.

And always keep an eye on where you want to go. Never drive onto blind spots or places where the road is not flat enough.

4). Correct hand placement

When it comes to high- speed driving, your hands should be at 9 and 3 o'clock. This lets you get a better grip on the wheel and makes you feel every vibration from the road.

5). Throttle through your turns

Use the throttle along long turns to gain more traction and handle the car better. The positive throttle is a good aid for turning, but too much of it may cause your car to swerve and lose control.

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