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If Automatic Car Brakes Fail Do Not Panic, Do The Following

When you are driving an automatic car, the most unfortunate event that can occur is your car brakes failing leaving the you, a driver, very confused and wonder what you will do.

Today in this article am going to inform you what you can do in case your automatic transmission car brakes fails.

Step 1) As soon as you note the car brakes are not working, do not panic, put the hazards on.

Step 2) Release the throttle of your car, shift it to the lowest range gear, 1 or L, depending on the car that you have.

Step 3) Pump the car brakes slowly, it can be helpful. You can use the handbrake at this point. Use the handbrake slowly to avoid your car rolling.

Step 4) You can now use the electronic car parking brakes, it can be so helpful at this point. Just hold it for a second then release your car will stop automatically.

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