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The Sleeping Warrior, Ugali & Saucer Hills of Soysambu

Situated in the Rift Valley near the Soysambu and Lake Elementaita is the volcanic hill known as the Sleeping Warrior Hill. When viewed from a far, this hill actually resembles the face and chest of a human being who is lying on his back while facing up. The most fascinating thing about this hill is the accurate representation of features such as the eye and cheek ridges, nose, chin, neck, and chest of a person.

According to the local legends, it is believed that the Sleeping Warrior Hill was formed from the remains of a Maasai Oloibon who passed away many years ago.

In addition, there are other two interesting hills that can also be found within the same area. These are the Ugali Hill and the Saucer Hill.

The Sleeping Warrior Hill is located approximately 140 Kilometres from Nairobi, and can be accessed from the Nairobi-Nakuru highway in Naivasha.                                                

This is definitely a must-go place for explorers. 

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Rift Valley Sleeping Warrior Sleeping Warrior Hill Soysambu Ugali Hill


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