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Cheapest New Cars You Can Go For

When you are ready to work on time, you need to purchase you own car so that you can in working place on time or any place that you want to go to. If you are ready to go for the cheapest car in the market then today this article is good for you. This article will list some of the cheapest cars in Kenya you can buy, ranging from Ksh. 300, 000 to Ksh 800,000 that we have in the market.

This can be a good reaso because the cheap cars in Kenya are made up of different models that you can choose from. The prices for these cars vary depending on the model and features that they have and here are the list of different cheapest cars you can go for.

1. Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz is the cheapest car which can one purchase in the cheapest price in Kenya out there because it costs between Ksh 450,000 and Ksh 800,000 or less in kenya. The best thing about this cheapest car is that it is a perfect starter car for learners and new drivers, and people looking for cheap but reliable cars in Kenya. The Toyota Vitz cheapest car in Kenya has an automatic transmission, and even has power locks fitted to it to make your life easier when locking and unlocking your doors.

The best thing about Toyota Vitz is the fuel economy of this car. It consumes very little fuel when compared to other cheap cars in Kenya.

2. Toyota Belta

Toyota Belta is anather cheaper car to occur in kenya. One of the cheapest cars in Kenya is Toyota Belta. This car can consume meager amounts of fuel per km and yet gives you the mileage to make your mouth water. The Prices range between Ksh 600 000 to Ksh 800,000 or less depending on the model year.

3. Nissan Cube

Nissan cube is one of the cheapest Nissan cars you can get in Kenya at Nairobi or any cities within Kenya. The Nissan Cube is suitable for drivers with varying needs ranging from commercial use to personal use and learners looking for their first cheapest car in Kenya. It costs around Ksh 600,000 and is a highly recommended cheap Nissan car you can get in Kenya.

4. Toyota IST

Another car that is really good and cheap is the Toyota IST. Rhis car is the best for since you can easily do what you want when you have it. The car is good in terms of maintenance, and you can do most repairs at Toyota service centers around Kenya. It costs between Ksh 400 000 and around Ksh 1000,000 depending on the year it was manufactured. With approximation of that money you can easily purchese the car.

5. Nissan March

Nissan march is another cheapest car that you can easily go for.If you notice, the list is dominated by Toyota, which is very popular in Kenya. However, Nissan cars are also popular and affordable in Kenya. Nissan march consumes meager amounts of fuel per km and is the cheapest Nissan car you can get in Kenya. Nissan march costs around Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 700,000 depending on where you wish to purchase it from and for what year it was manufactured. With money you can purchase it.

6. Toyota Probox

Toyota probox is another cheapest car to acquire to. The last Toyota on our list of cheapest cars in Kenya is the Toyota Probox.Probox is a trendy car in Kenya, and every Kenyan has a different view about the car. Mostly used by small business people, it literally goes everywhere. The car has good space and consumes meager amounts of fuel per km. Toyota Probox comes with features like power steering, power windows, among others.

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