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Photos Of World Longest Truck Which Has More Than 100 Wheels And Weighs 205 Tonnes

image credit;automjet.Al Blog

A road train, land train or long combination vehicle is a trucking vehicle used to move road freight more efficiently than semi-trailer trucks. It consists of two or more trailers or semi-trailers hauled by a prime mover.

The world's longest truck is The Giant Australian Road Train.

Also known as the land train, the Australian road train is one of the biggest and longest trucks in the world – used in rural areas of Europe, Australia and the United States. This truck is mainly a custom build truck, fitted with some 28 axles and more than 100 wheels.

Suited for back road-areas for it’s shape and carrying capacity this truck is mainly used to deliver huge amounts of materials to farms and mining companies. The rig is nearly 160 feet long and it can carry up to 205 tonnes at any one time.

The roads are straight and empty perfect for monster vehicles. In such areas of Australia, there are few rail roads and only the giant trucks visit the remote mines and firms.

The longest road train is operated by an Australian mining company a custom built 3B-affectionately known as the centipede.

The 205 ton, 160 foot long truck is powered by a 550 hp diesel engine attached to an 18-speed transmission. This thing has 28 axles and 110 wheels. It was created by the mining company to carry zinc ore from a mine in the Northern Territory to a port city.

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