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5 Cars with the Best Resale Values in Kenya

There are some people who consider cars as an investment while there are others who consider it as a luxury. Those who consider cars an investment tend to be very keen when purchasing cars as they want to make some profit out of it. This explains why most people concentrate so much on the resale value of a vehicle before purchasing it. Below are five vehicles with the best resale values in Kenya.

1.Toyota Vitz.

This car is commonly known as "the king of dudus". This is due to its fuel efficiency, reliability, durability and comfortability. When this car was first introduced to the Kenyan market, it was mostly left for ladies as it was the perfect car for them. However when the new shape was introduced, evryone was seen going for this car irrespective of the age or gender. The Toyota vitz is a good car for the taxi business and a perfect car for a new driver.

2. Isuzu Dmax.

This car is loved by Kenyans because of its reliability. If you are looking for a car to carry all your farm produce and your goods then this is the car to go for. Compared to its competitors, the Isuzu Dmax is much more comfortable to drive in rough terrain.

3. Toyota Axio.

This is the sedan version of the Toyota fielder. If you love the fielder, then you will automatically love the Axio. This car is fuel efficient, comfortable and fun to drive. This car is sleek, stylish and backed with a powerful engine. If you feel like you really need to economise on fuel then you can go for the hybrid version.

4. Subaru Outback.

If you love the speed and the Subaru craze then you should try out the outback. This is a good wagon since it has plenty of cargo space and room for adults.

5. Toyota Hilux.

This is the most common and reliable double cabin on Kenyan roads. This vehicle comes in a wide variety but most people seem to love the family-friendly double cabs. This car is highly rated even if it has been used because they will never disappoint.

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