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"Successful Discovery" Flying Car Completes a 35-minute test Flight between two Cities [VIDEO]

The whole world is happy about the successful discovery which will help reduce the traffic jams which is being witnessed in many countries today. The "success" was seen by the whole world when a prototype flying car completed a test flight between two cities in Slovakia spending only 35 minutes on air.

According to the press reports on Wednesday 30 June 202, the flying car which is branded the name "Klein Vision's AirCar" stayed on air for 35 minutes flying between Nitra City and the capital Bratislava in Slovakia.

After landing in Bratislava, the aircar transformed into a road car in less than 3 minutes, and was driven into the city center by Klein Vision CEO Stefan Klein together with company co-founder Anton Zajac.

The AirCar Prototype 1 which has been tested is powered by a 160 horsepower BMW engine equipped with a fixed propeller, and is able to transform from aircraft to road vehicle in about three minutes.

According to Klein Vision's statement, the Aircar has now taken more than 40 hours of test flights. He said that the AirCar flew at 8,200 feet and reached a maximum cruising speed of 190 kilometers per hour wbich is equivalent to 118 miles per hour.

Klein Vision is now working on another model called AirCar Prototype 2 which they say will boast a 300 horsepower engine, and is expected to be able to drift at a 300 kilometers per hour speed.

Test flight video

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