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Know Your Car What Does The Insignia CVT Mean At The Back Of Your Car?

With the current upsurge in mechatronic advancement, it is so easy to own devices which you least know about and hence misappropriation may become a normalcy.

In this article, we categorically are going to look at the meaning of the word CVT normally engraved at the rear of the vehicle.

CVT is an initial that stands for Controlled Variable Transmission. From this expansion, we can tell that CVT is a type of transmission system.

Still in the blues on what a Transmission is? Just don't worry

To understand transmission, we must talk alittle about the engine. The internal combustion engine produces torque and power that are not constant to a range of speed. A transmission is therefore necessary to match the torque and power with the speed. Basically put, a transmission is a system of gears. However there are other components that aid in transmission.

To understand in detail how a CVT is different from an automatic transmission or any other type of transmission, a broader knowledge on transmissions is needed.

If you wish to learn more on CVTs, DCTs, TDs,ASTs and other types of transmissions let me know by writing in the comments section.

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