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What to consider when buying a car in Kenya.

There are many people who want to own cars in Kenya. Even though most people always end up archieving this goal, some always end up making poor desicions when buying a car and end up regretting their decision. Below are some factors to consider when buying a car in Kenya.

1. The year of manufacture.

Even though most people want the latest cars in the country, they do not always concentrate that much on the year of manufacture. This aspect is always very important for anyone who is looking for a reliable car. This is because not all cas are very reliable and there might be some years where the company had produced faulty cars and some might have beeen recalled. But since most of the cars in Kenya are used, the issues might not have been solved. It is therefore important to look for information regarding the years of manufacture of the specific car model that you want so as to avoid years that the models were problematic.

2. The state of the car.

By state, I simply mean whether the car is brand new or used. In Kenya, it is very hard to find a vehicle with zero milage or values nearing to zero. This is because cars that are considered to be brand new in Kenya, might have beeen used in another part of the world. Even though the prices of these cars are still relatively high, you will realize that ccars with a milage of zero cost more than the used cars. This therefore means that if you decide to go for a brand new car, you will have to pay more compared to those people who go for foreign used cars.

3. The number plate.

When you are buying a car, you would want to save as much money as possible. It is therefore important to avoid the latest number plates. This is because car dealers always know that kenyans love the latest number and tend to price the cars higher compared to cars with old number plates.

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