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Fuel Saving Tips Every Motorist Should Know

With the ongoing fuel price hike especially in kenya, owning a car is becoming more expensive to maintain. Moreover, the cost of public transport, electricity and commodities distribution cost which rely on fuel are expected to hike also.

I have compliled a list of fuel Saving Tips that are friendly to your pocket;

1. Proper accelerating and brake.

While driving always apply steady and consistent pressure to your car's accelerator pedal. Unsteady foot will always result in poor fuel consumption. Unfriendly driving forces your car to switch gears at a faster rate than is optimal for fuel efficiency.

2. Reduce Weight in Your Car.

Keep your boot and backseat clear of unnecessary items that just add weight to your car.

Also piling luggage on top of car roofs can heavily impact your car fuel consumption. Car manufacturers spend a lot of time trying to streamline a car's body to cut smoothly through the air. Piling luggage on top requires the car to put more effort to cut through the drag created this using more fuel.

At low speed it's ok to keep your windows down but at high speed keep them down to reduce drag and save on fuel.

3. Maintain Same Speed.

Maintaining same speed means that there is no acceleration. No acceleration reduces the amount of work your engine does and therefore it uses less fuel.

Many cars these days come with automatic transmission, but if you are still using the gear shift,consider shifting before the rev meter crosses the red line.

4. Inflated Tyres.

Under inflated Tyres increases your vehicle drag, which increases fuel consumption. With tyre pressure at 40percent below the recommended level, the car fuel consumption increases by 8 percent. Always check the car manual guidelines to see the recommended tyre level.

5. No Idling.

It may not seem like much but idling for a few minutes everyday can cost you some dollars per week. Idling gets you nowhere but still consumes fuel. On average a car consumes 0.63 litres of fuel per hour.

Air conditioning increases fuel consumption especially at low speed . Open windows at low speed but use air conditioning at high speed.

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