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10 Ridiculous Car Designs You Need to See to Believe (Photos)

People around the world have proven that they are not sleeping. Everyone is always busy working on their daily erands and some of the work at the end surprises many.

Today we take a look at some of the worlds most unique car designs that we cannot explain what was running in the minds of the designers and what inspired them to come up with such designs.

Below are some of the ridiculous car design collection that I would like you to have a deep look at and help me understand what was happening for such designs to come out.

1. Maybe they were trying clutter art on their car

2. So, is this supposed to be a rocket?

3. A motor home in 1922

4. What's this supposed to be?

5. Now that's a design you don't often see

6. Okay, we get it... You love shoes

7. Just... why???

8. You don't wanna mess with this car

9. Okay, this is cool. I was forced to look twice

10. Would you enjoy riding about town in this little one? Which of the above car designs caught your eyes glued and you had to counter-check fro the second time? Kindly share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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