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Top Selling Mid-size SUVs in Kenya today

In the Kenyan market, Sports Utility Vehicles are a favourite in long distance travelling, off-road enthusiasm and even for the political class. Mid sized SUVs have been a favourite among many Kenyans due to their prices, performance and their ease of servicing and maintenance.

1. Toyota Harrier

It is a Mid-size crossover SUV and very common among SUV lovers. It has a 2WD drivetrain option with an engine capacity of 2000cc and 2500cc. What is amazing about this road machine is its mid-range price points.

2. Land Rover Discovery

In Kenya it is known as a family car. It has an amazing engine ranging from 2000cc to 4000cc and these ranges are in the 4 Discovery series of Discovery 1 to Discovery 4. This car is loved for its smooth and comfortable running both on and off-road.

3. Volkswagen Touareg

It is a mid-size SUV that offers great versatility in performance and design. It is very flexible both on-road and off-road. Its engine ranges from 3.0L V6 to 5.0L V10 engine. It has 5 seats and a large trunk capacity.

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