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List of The Most Expensive Car Spare Parts in Kenya

Cars are among the most important and popular assets among many people. They come in different shapes, colours, carrying capacity, and sizes.

The price of buying a car ranges based on the car model, and mileage. Most people in these days prefer to buy second hand cars because they are less expensive than the new ones.

The high need for cars among Kenyans have made the car spares to increase in demand.

Below is a list of the most expensive spare parts to buy and fix for a car.

1. Engine

An engine is the most essential part of a car and any machine. It converts combustible chemicals into mechanical energy capable of moving a car.

The price of replacing a car engine in Kenya varies depending on the car model.

2. Gearbox

A gearbox plays a very important role in increasing or decreasing the speed of a car. Its price ranges depending on the type of car.

3. Side Mirror

A side mirror helps a driver in navigating objects or other vehicles behind. Its price goes as high as Ksh 60,000.

4. Panel beating

This involves restoration of the cars body especially after an accident. The price ranges depending on the car model.

5. Bumpers

These are essential parts of cars and holds front lights and number plates. The price varies based on the car models.

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