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5 Driving Habits that Secretly Damages Your Car

1.Braking your car late

Braking your car suddenly when you realize that you are near an obstacle wears off the brake pads and brake shoes.Although,there are times when you are in need of emergency brakes ,example when you almost hit a speed bump.

2.Shifting the gear from drive to reverse when the car is still moving

This habit causes wear on the transmission band and as a result will cost you lots of money in repair.You should therefore bring your car to a halt before reversing.

3.Resting your hand on the gear stick

The gear stick is connected to a selector fork,therefore,when you rest your hand on it,you exert pressure on the selector fork causing premature wear.

4.Hitting potholes and speed bumps

Failure to reduce the speed on a road with potholes may damage your front and rear part of your car.The exhaust system can also be damaged.Hitting speed bumps can cause wheels to buckle.

5.Riding of the clutch

failure to remove your foot fully on the clutch after changing the gear causes wear of the clutch plate and shortens the time of use.

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