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Best cars to rent out this festive season

The festive season is fast approaching and people are on the search for vehicles and means to travel upcountry. Here are some of the best cars you can hire to make your upcountry travels easier .

1. Nissan Elgrand

Talk of space and beauty, then talk of the Elgrand , the 2500- 3400cc engine won't disappoint you on long journeys . The interior being one of the most comfortable in its class plus its seven seater capability ,it's one of the best options you can consider .It also has a double sunroof providing the best travel experience.

2.Toyota Alphard

Being the Elgrand's competitor , the Alphard doesn't compromise on luxury and comfort . The 2300 - 3400cc engine doesn't disappoint either . Its wide opening doors , make it easy to board and alight .Its seven seater capability is perfect for both adults and children.

3.Toyota Raum

Being a five seater , the Raum is best suited for small families .The car is comfortable , has loads of room and doesn't disappoint at beauty and performance either . It has automatic sliding doors , wide entrances and a huge amount of bootspace .it has a 1500 cc engine that doesn't consume as much as other vehicles on this list .

4.Nissan Sylphy

Being the only saloon to make it to this list , The sylphy doesn't disappoint at class ,comfort and space . Its long wide body provides a comfortable ride for long journeys . Its 1800cc engine doesn't disappoint at efficiency and performance. It's the car for saloon enthusiasts .

5.Mitsubishi Delica

known for its felt presence on the road this is a car for anyone who loves attention and presence . Its wide , high set body will leave you feeling like you are driving a high end SUV . Being the most roomy in this list , the Delica will manage to carry eight and still give you bootspace. It's comfortable on long journeys and doesn't disappoint at performance either. It has an engine capacity of 1597cc.

Which one would you consider ? Share and comment down below . Happy holidays and blessings as we approach the new year .

Content created and supplied by: Mogankimani (via Opera News )

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