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Opinion:2000cc Car Fuel Consumption

Engine size is one of the main factors that affect fuel consumption and maintanance cost .Most Kenyans when buying car usually look for most reliable and fuel economy engine that is designed to perform.The engine size of vehicles is measured by the displacement expressed in liters or cubic centimeters. The higher the engine size the high the level of fuel consumption. Cars with engine size of 2000cc and above tend to consume more fuel compared to there counterpart cars with smaller engine size. This engine are recommended for people who have the ability to fuel the car and also merits of high maintenance costs and service in time

Most first owners cars should look for other small engine for fuel efficiency such as the 1l,1.3 and 1.5 l whose consumption is affordable. The following are some of the cars with big engine size;Toyota Alphard,Nissan X trail,Subaru Forester,Toyota Vanguard,Toyota RAV4 among others.

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Nissan X Subaru Forester Toyota RAV4 Toyota Vanguard


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