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Why Coastal Cars Easily Rust and Two Simple Ways to Deal With Rust

Purchasing a motor vehicle at coastal towns is relatively cheaper than in other upcountry towns. This is due to it's proximity to the Mombasa Port. But to coastal people, owning a car comes with a unique challenge. The cars are highly Susceptible to Rust.

The Coast is Brutal on car bodies. The high moisture air, Salty water and a Coast obsession with constantly washing cars offer perfect conditions for rust. Unlike mechanical issues that can be found and fixed, rust eats from the inside with little evidence.

Silently and covertly destroying the car's body under the paintwork. The paintwork starts having bubbles around edges of windscreen, doors, boot and bonnet. This is a telltale sign of rust and it can be a simple fix or can be a huge problem mess with the structural integrity.

With every problem there's someone who can monetize it and offer a much needed service. Now, rust is like cancer, it has to be completely and exhaustively removed or it will resurge.

There are two possible ways to remove rust. Firstly, you have the alternative of grinding away the rust part of cutting off the rust part. Secondly, you can deal with rust by replacing the whole rusted panel.

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