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The Price Of Buying A Brand New Shacman F2000 Dump Sinotruck Tipper In Kenya

Heavy trucks are very essential cargo vehicles that can never be forgotten in the transport sector within this nation. This is because, they always help in doing a variety of tasks such as carrying building and construction materials. These materials may include sand, ballast, cement, blocks, bricks and blocks.

Other than these functions, they can also carry poles of different types such as those meant for fencing plots, roofing permanent houses or electricity poles.

Their spare parts are also available at an affordable price all over the Country. Other superior and prominent features of this cargo truck includes driver's suspension seat which ensures that the driver is very comfortable when going for a long distance. Additionally, they have a double def system that ensures that it does not get stuck in muddy areas or places with alot of holes.

The truck is also fitted with a large spacious carrying tank at the rear part. This tank is very strong to ensure that it is not deformed by the cargo carried. Due to the heavy weight that is always carried in by these trucks, they are always fitted with a tipper system which helps in lifting the heavy weight of the load carried.

These trucks retails in Kenya at an avarage price of Ksh 15,000,000 although the price is subject to change based on change on economic conditions which may add some more expenses. The trucks are shown below with their prices in US dollars

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