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Common cars that use front wheel drive

Most people think that all cars are driven by the rear wheels. Some people cannot picture the concept of a car being powered by the front wheels. Not all cars are rear wheel drive. In this article there will be a list of cars that are front wheel drive.

Toyota Succed.

The Toyota Succeed is a light commercial vehicle with a front engine design. You can choose to purchase the front wheel drive version or the four wheel drive version.

Toyota Sienta.

The Sienta is a five-door mini multi-purpose van. The front wheel drive version is sold outside Japan.

Toyota Sienna.

Like most of the cars on this list, the Sienna also comes in two versions. You can opt for either a front wheel drive van or a four wheel drive one.

Mazda Cx-5.

Yes, this car is also a front wheel drive. That's not bad. You can still buy a four wheel drive version of this car.

Mazda demio.

This beautiful car is also a front wheel drive.

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