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Opinion: What You Car Says About You In Kenya

Most Kenyans are always keen on their dressing because they know that people judge them by what they wear. However, the judgement does not stop there as Kenyans tend if judge people with the cars they drive.

Here is what your car says about you in Kenya.

1. Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf is a stylish electric vehicle that has been in production since 2011. Even though there are about 350 electric cars in Kenya, the Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric car in Kenya. If you drive a Nissan Leaf, you are probably a risk taker and you do not like to spend much of your money. You have a lot of money but you are very stingy.

2. Toyota Rush.

The Toyota Rush is a compact SUV that is highly underrated in Kenya. It is produced by Daihatsu but marketed by Toyota. If you drive the Toyota Rush, you are probably a pastor or you work in the church. You did not spend your money to purchase the car as the church was kind enough to give it to you.

3. Toyota Hiace.

The Toyota Hiace is the most popular van in Kenya. It is commonly used in the matatu industry to transport people to different locations. If you own one, you are probably a businessman or you are working for a businessman. If you are a businessman, then you value your goods and take care of your customers well.

4. Toyota Premio.

The Toyota Premio is a stylish sedan that was produced from 2001 to 2021. It has a stylish and comfortable interior that can accommodate five occupants. If you drive the Toyota Premio, you are probably a high school principal or a deputy. You were promoted recently and you feel like you need to look good in front of your friends.

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