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' Better Than A Toyota Belta? ' Here Is Where The Toyota Platz Shines

he Japanese carmaker first debuted the platz in 1999 alongside the first-generation vitz as a sub-compact saloon for the domestic market in Japan. Later, the Toyota Belta, a compact saloon larger than the platz and with a more "contemporary" look, took the place of the Platz.

But the platz was unique because it offered a wider selection of engines, with capacities ranging from 1000 cc to 1500 cc and a top power of 110 ps. This contrasts with the belta, which has 996- and 1298-cc engine ranges and a maximum output of 87 ps.

The belta's weight, which is 1120kg, was increased by making it bigger than the platz in all dimensions. The belta is slower due to the engine to weight ratio than its predecessor, which had an engine to weight ratio of 1500cc to 850kg.

As it assumes a more streamlined shape than its progenitor, the Platz design also helped it with aerodynamics. For its day, the inside was rather modern and had well placed instruments and controls.

In contrast to contemporary market models, where a 1300cc Axio costs KSH 1.6 million, the Platz offered a powerful, lightweight car at a low price.

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