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5 Reliable Used Cars To Buy In Kenya

1. TOYOTA IST 1300cc 2004 - 2006. Toyota IST was released for sale in 2002 and its target market was young people since it's more of a point A to point B car. Upon its introduction in Kenya, it became a hit and continues to be a reliable car, it's rare to find an IST that has broken down.

2. TOYOTA PREMIO 240. Premio is the successor of Corona and it's such a huge hit in Kenya though it's quite expensive. It's a reliable car that gives you value for money, if you are looking for reliability Toyota Premio 240 is a car to consider.

3. MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER YEAR 2005 -2008. If you are looking for a small locally owned SUV Mistubishi outlander is the car for you, it has unique looks, it's roomy in the front and rear. it's a reliable car and easy to maintain.

4. TOYOTA HILUX 2002-2003 This car is a workhorse, The 2002-2003 batch had the 5L EFI engine which would run for years without any issues. the only flipside of the 5l engine is that they are slow but in terms of reliability, Toyota Hilux is king.

5. MERCEDES BENZ W202 If you are looking for a timeless piece of art Mercedes Benz w202 is the car for you, The car has M111 Engine, and any Mercedes with an M11 engine is reliable and rarely breaks down, Mercedes Benz w202 is fuel-efficient and gives you class and status.

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