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Africa Presidents Who Are Highly Protected by Trained Security Detail [PHOTOS]

Presidents in Africa have their security detail, but as has always been the case, some Heads of State are more guarded.

Also, presidents require maximum protection in order to discharge their mandate and serve without fear.

Nevertheless, some African presidents do go the extra mile so they can be more guaranteed of their safety. 

Here are some of the presidents from Africa who are higly protected.

1.King Mswati III

King Mswati III, who has been the King of Swaziland since 1986 is the most protected African head of state. His security entails high-speed motorcycles and heavily armed security officers.

2. Cyril Ramaphosa

He has a quite an impressive motorcade. When he travels on official business, his entourage includes an armored vehicle and heavily armed presidential guards. 

3.King Mohammed VI – King Of Morroco

His motorcade normally comprises of several Mercedez bens S 500 and Range Rover models when he goes to mountainous places, A BMW s series with a communications unit, an ambulance and several high-speed motorcycles.

4 Paul Kagame 

He is always accompanied by a high-speed Mercedes Benz, as well as several police motorcycles and land cruisers.

5.Paul Biya

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