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The price of this 2022 MINI Hardtop 2 Door electric cars

Still small now gas free that is the 2021 Mini Hardtop 2 Door Cooper SE in a nutshell. Mini took its most iconic model the Hardtop 2 Door and replaced its selection of sporty engines with an electric power train.

The result is a coupe that has not lost any of its style or exciting performance but gained a whole lot of eco friendly cred.

The downsides are what you would expect. The interior is tight both for passengers and cargo that is why this car is not recommended for families. But if you can deal with the lack of space this little electric car works great as a city runabout. Acceleration handling and especially braking are all high points.

This car has a price tag of &22,850 to &32,000 But the price can vary depending on the trim and the various distributers worldwide. Also the current currency exchange rates can affect the price but by a small margin.

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Hardtop 2 Door MINI Hardtop 2 Door Mini Mini Hardtop


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