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Things that you should never say to your mechanic

After purchasing a car, it is important to identify with a mechanic or a garage that can satisfy all your needs. This is because when you own a car, you are likely to visit a mechanic on a regular basis either to fix your car or to give you some advice concerning your car. Below are somethings that you should never say to your mechanic.

1. How to fix your car.

The major reason why you take your car to the mechanic in the first place is to identify the problem and fix it. However, there are some people who tend to tell the mechanic the problem and how they should fix it. This might seem like you are doing the mechanic a huge favor but you might not be doing your self one. This is because when taking your car to the mechanic, you know that it has a problem but you are not very sure of what it is. Instructing a mechanic to fix a problem without being sure if its the one giving you some headache might really cause you to waste money especially if its not what was to be repaired.

2. When to fix your car.

Telling your mechanic when to fix your car is understandable if you do not have enough money to fix it. However, giving them a specific time frame to fix your car should not be the case. This is because they are doing their jobs and therefore have a lot of customers. This therefore means that if you give them a specific time frame to fix your car and yet you brought it late, they might end up doing a shoddy job since they are in a hurry to meet your timeline.

3. Howich a repair should cost.

Unless you come with all the parts required to repair your vehicle, you should never limit your mechanic to how much a repair should cost. This is because, if you car needs se specific parts, some mechanics tend to go for cheaper parts that will not last in order to stay within your budget.

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