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See What A Jua Kali Artisan Has Done That Has Attracted Reactions From Netizens.

Motor vehicle Rims are normally certified before they can be used by the public. Their certification is normally based on their strength and resistance to rusting. There are different materials that have proved to work perfectly in the making of motor vehicle Rims. They include steel, aluminum alloys and carbon fibres. Most rims are made of steel but alluminium alloy rims are more light and affordable.

A man has attracted reactions from Netizens after showing his means of cutting cost in his motor vehicle Rims. He shared a picture of how he is making his jua Kali rims in his endeavour to cut cost.

The photo shared reveals conjoined and welded car rims whose strength and safety have been put to question by Netizens.

Many netizens have doubted the strength of these rims with others alleging that this could be amounting to suicide if the rims are not tested and certified by SABS.

Car Rims are like the support and stability of a car. Apart from providing aesthetic beauty,cars rims are what supports the inflated car tyres.

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Jua Kali Netizens Rims


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