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Hydrogen Powered cars and why they are dangerous to drive

The world is fighting pollution by any means possible. And introduction of electric cars as well as hydrogen powered cars was a good idea but the idea is not relating well with people in most parts of the world.

Basically a hydrogen powered car is not that much different from a fuel one. For hydrogen can be pumped into a car's fuel tank just like gas. You can fill up quickly the same way you would with gas or diesel. And once it has a full tank,a fuel-cell vehicle can travel just as far as a gas vehicle.

The Toyota Mirai has the shortest range of any commercial fuel cell sedan currently on the market and it goes 317 miles with a full tank of hydrogen. But with this almost greater success in terms of the distance covered the car is still dangerous.

The two prime dangers from fuel cell and hydrogen powered vehicles are the danger of electrical shock and the flammability of the fuel. Fuel cells power vehicles by electro chemically combining hydrogen gas and oxygen from the surrounding air into water and electrical energy.

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