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Why Second Generation Toyota Premio Has High Resale Value Compared To Other Cars.

Toyota manufactures the five-seater saloon known as the Toyota Premio in Japan. As a successor to the Toyota Corolla E110, manufacture of the vehicle began in 2001. Premio derives from the English name premium, which denotes luxury and strength in terms of strength and durability. The Toyota Premio is available with both manual and automatic transmissions, front-wheel drive and a front-engine configuration.

The 1500cc and 1800cc CVT engines power the vehicle. Premio prices vary according on the model and year of production. Older variants can be purchased for as little as Ksh 500,000, while the 2014 model costs about Ksh 1.6 Million.

Toyota's flagship model, the Premio, is known for its solid construction and exceptional value. Toyota prioritizes customer happiness, thus in order for the vehicle to stand out, it has been equipped with features that offer value. The Toyota Premio is a more luxurious and fashionable vehicle.

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