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Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid, is it the Ultimate Toyota Fielder Hybrid Competitor?

This is a comparison that is sure to spark violence. Some will ask on what grounds do you stand to compare a Toyota with a Honda? In my own opinion the Honda Fit Shuttle offers more value for money than the Toyota Fielder. The disparities between these two cars are many. The Honda Fit has a strong point when it comes to pricing. It is cheaper than the Toyota Fielder Hybrid . A Toyota Fielder is sold at around 1.4 million shillings while a Honda Fit is priced at around 1.1 million Kenyan shillings. The car has interior room almost equal to that of the Fielder. The Honda Fit Shuttle has better fuel economy compared to the Fielder. Another thing about the Honda is that there are not as many Hondas as Toyotas in Kenya. The Honda Fit Shuttle is not as common as the Fielder. In my own opinion ,the Honda Fit has better exterior looks compared to the Fielder. What do you think?

Toyota Fielder Hybrid.

Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid.

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