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The Electric Zero SR/F Superbike

Electric is not a new word in the 21st century where we try making everything electric. To reduce labor required, time savings and mostly electric components or equipments prove to be more efficient too. Motorcycle companies introduced the electric feature to the motorcycle industry to improve it’s efficiency. The electric motorcycle has no engine thus no exhaust this means that their is no engine noise. The silence makes it feel like riding on an imaginary carpet where you only have to accelerate and change the riding mode, that seems easy.


Zero company is one of the famous electric motorcycle producing company. The founder of the company is Neal Saiki, the company’s headquarters is in Scott’s Valley in California. They have been successful in their electric motorcycle production in the past years since 2006. They have produced the fastest electric superbike in the market and that will be the Zero SR/F.Zero SR/F is one of the biggest success in the company because of it’s speed and it’s power in general.

The Zero SR/F has a top speed of 200kph and a range of 322km that can be replenished. The 82KW strong electric superbike has a max torque of 190Nm.

The Zero SR/F electric Superbike has an air-cooled and permanent interior magnet AC motor, which gives it the fact of being powerful. It uses rechargeable battery instead of fuel you simply charge the machine like a smartphone. The transmission of the Zero SR /F is clutchless direct drive.


The price of the cool electric Superbike is from $19,000-$21,495 dollars.


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