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Most Affordable Cars In Kenya

Which is the best car in kenya? How can I get a cheap car in kenya? These are the questions that run in the minds of most potential car buyers in Kenya. But don't stress yourself, did you that you can a nice used car in kenya with as little as Ksh 70000. Yes i have said 70k. However remember that owning such a ride comes with the cost of maintenence and fueling.

Here is a list of 5 most affordable cars in kenya.

1. Toyota Vitz.

This car production began in 1999. It has an engine capacity of Below 1000 cc, the car is small in size good for small families and people going to work.

If you are lucky you can get the car for Ksh 200000 for a new one. For the used ones you can get them at a price of Ksh 7000 to Ksh 90000.

2. Nissan March

Also known as Nissan Micra, designed to save fuel and it is also a spacious car. With a three cylinder engine it has a capacity of 1_1.5 litters. It's a car with a low fuel consumption rate of a litter for every 21 kilometers.

For a used version you can get it from Ksh 140000 and a new one at Ksh 690000.

3. Honda Fit

Also known as Honda jazz. This is a five door car with an ample space. It's engine ranges from between 1 _ 1.5 litters and this makes it a fuel efficient car.

You can get a used version of this car starting from 93000.

4. Toyota Auris

This car has a spacious interior and it's engine capacity ranges between 1 _ 1.8 litters

For a new version of this car it goes for up to 1.5 million and the used version you can get it from Ksh 490000.

5. Toyota Belta.

This an economical car with an average fuel consumption. The car has a petrol engine of 1496 cc and its a car with a huge demand.

The car's price ranges from Ksh 90000 to Ksh 500000.

However when purchasing a second hand car there are a lot of factors you need to consider, i will discuss this in the next article.

Thank you for your time.

Content created and supplied by: martingitonga09 (via Opera News )

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