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Road Accident

Expert Opinion: Why Cars Are Bursting Into Flames And How To Prevent It From Bursting Into Flames

Cases of vehicles bursting into flames as the driver is driving, has been witnessed in rare occasion and finally, cars experts have explained why the car may burst into flames and some of the precautions methods to take.

(Photo| Courtsey)

The main cause of this are electrical fault. Some cars don't have genuine vehicle parts that is recommended for the car. If the car doesnot have a genuine part, a battery short circuit might occur and the car will burst into flames. To prevent this make sure your car has a genuine parts.

Another reason is the electrical wire system. This can be caused by the Mechanic who is not conversant with the car brand fixing the electrical wire system of the car. Always choose a skilled mechanic who understands different car brands.

Also the malfunction in the electrical wire system can be caused by fuses that have burnt out. Fuse will prevent the car from bursting to flames by breaking the circuit. Regularly check the fuses of your car to make sure they are not faulty and you will prevent it from bursting to flames.

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