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The Cost Of Toyota LandCruiser V6 Car That Rift Valley MP Recently Imported

Kenyan politicians are luxurious people who look for ways to differentiate themselves from other common Kenyans. These luxurious life ranges from the code of dressing, living in mansionate houses and expensive fleets of cars they own.

Recently, Kesses Member of Parliament, Mishrup Kiprop, imported an expensive V6 land cruiser car that its amount has been hatched today.

The MP Imported his car months after the ministry of Interior and co-ordination cleared him for the importation of the luxurious car.

According to the revelation shared by TV 47 News, the Toyota Landcruiser 300 series launched yesterday has a V6 engine 3,300 cc twin turbo diesel or 3,500 cc twin turbo petrol.

They also shared their prices with three options. The first one is GX-R, VX-R and GR-S. The price retails for Ksh17.5m for GX-R, Ksh21.9m for VX-R and Ksh23m for GR-S.

"Don't call it the 'V8' anymore....The all-new Toyota LandCruiser 300 series launched yesterday by Toyota Kenya has a V6 engine. (3,300cc twin turbo diesel or 3,500cc twin turbo petrol)  Prices? There are three options: GX-R, VX-R and GR-S. These models are retailing for KSh17.5m for GX-R, KSh21.9m for VX-R and KSh23.1m for GR-S.TV47News shared.

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