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Why you should think twice before buying an electric vehicle in Kenya.

Electric cars are becoming very popular all over the world. This is because they are environmentally friendly and easier to maintain compared to fossil fuel cars.

If you are in Kenya, you have probably seen many companies trying to convince people to buy electric cars with the main goal of reducing environmental degradation. Some companies have also been observed trying to use electric vehicles. Even though going for an electric car may seem good, below are some reasons why you should think twice before going for electric cars.

1. They are very expensive. Whether you want to buy a used or a brand new electric car, you will always realize that their prices are very high compared to fossil fuel cars.

2. Charging points are very scarce. If you were driving an electric vehicle and power was to run out, you would have to find someway of charging your car as there are very few charging points in Kenya.

3. The repair costs are high. Even though the maintenance costs are low, the repair costs of electric vehicles is relatively high as tye spare parts are relatively expensive.

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