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Germany is making the first-ever transparent car

The automotive industry has in recent years been a haven of innovation and splendid designs. Car manufacturers are rushing to meet the class economy desires and tastes. Manufacturers like Tesla are making fast and beautiful designed cars in the shortest period of time.

But what is common in this existing manufacturers is the privacy they offer to their customers. From tinted windows to coloured glass the level of privacy for this producers is very important.

But a company from Germany is going against all odds by producing the first ever transparent vehicle. The car which is a tradition sedan model is made from durable organic glass, except for its vital parts like the tyres, brakes, and combustion chambers.

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The vehicle is expected to retail for just 8 to 10 million Kenya shillings. Due to its lack of privacy the manufacturers are not producing for mass distribution but rather just a limited edition.

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The glass which makes the car is very strong that it has passed eight durability tests in the country. It is also made to withstand heavy loads hence making it safe for the driver.

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