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Creativity Will One Day Kill Kenyans; Webuye Man Modifies Motorbike To A Unique Helicopter

Kenyans are arguably the best when it comes to modifying already assembled machines to fit their taste and desire.

They are also the worst when it goes to making fun of the efforts put by those who do the modifications.

One boda boda man in Webuye recently modified his Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram (TVS) motorbike to an aeroplane.

His creativity is beyond imaginations as it looks exactly like an helicopter, going by the photos shared on Facebook.

It has three wheels, two at the back and one in front and the body is made of light but hard iron sheets.

The motorbike turned helicopter was still under modifications by the time of shooting the photos but it was operating very well.

Some of the major things remaining were painting and taking it for inspection by NTSA, and if it passes the tests then it would proceed for license application.

According to the brains behind the work, his aim is to take it to the sky one day.

He also intends to decorate it with luxurious chairs, a television screen, a red carpet, free wifi and other essentials that would ensure maximum comfort for his passengers.

However, most Kenyans on social media have already thwarted his efforts.

Below are some of the comments:

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