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The Amazing Pictures Of How Locomotives Are Transported From Manufacturer To The Consumer (PHOTOS)

Many of us often wonder how locomotives are shipped to consumer countries from manufacturer considering the fact that they are extremely heavy. Therefore today in this article, am going to present to you how trains are shipped to consumer countries or places. To begin with, the locomotives can be transported in parts then assembling are done in consumer countries or terminal places. Also the train can be shipped using mega trucks.

In fact in this article am going to dwell much on the use of mega trucks for their transportation. Despite the fact these locomotives are heavy, there are big trucks with oversize capacity that carries them with ease.

These trucks often boast fascinating configuration with about 572 cubic inch engines with huge horsepower capacity. They are also long with length up to 53 meters and can carry up to about 80 to 120 tones. These trucks are mainly Australian made. Their engines are also supercharged hence extremely powerful. Having said that, below are some of the amazing pictures of how the locomotives are transported.

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