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Why you should think twice before converting your car from Petrol to LPG.

Currently, several drivers are seeking services to convert their cars from Petrol to LPG. This is because the cost of LPG is cheaper compared to that of petrol. If you plan to convert your car, you need to think twice. Below are some reasons why.

1. Cost.

Converting from LPG is not as cheap as most people assume. Even though you are going to save some cash on fuel, it might take you a long time to get back your money and start reaping the profits. You should also consider the state of your automobile.

2. Reduced cargo space.

Since you are doing a conversion to LPG, you will need to store the log tank in your vehicle's boot. This reduces the amount of space that you have for cargo. This restricts you from carrying more cargo.

3. Insurance.

Getting insurance cover for a converted vehicle is not as easy as it looks. This is because some insurers do not insure LPG vehicles, while others will take advantage and include additional charges.

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