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5 cars which are similar but are sold with different names in Kenya

1. Subaru Trezia and Toyota Ractis.

Most Subaru enthusiast do not like the Subaru Trezia because they claim it is a Toyota. When you look at the Trezia, you will realize that it is a rebadged Toyota Ractis with very minimal differences. This is is because Toyota and Subaru decide to rebadge the Ractis so as to get more profits.

2. Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy.

When you compare the prices of these two vehicles, you will not realize any big difference. This is mainly because the Toyota Noah and the Voxy are the same and the only difference is that the voxy is more luxurious than the Noah.

3. Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed.

Toyota seems to have a tendency of creating two cars with the same features but different names. Since the Toyota Probox is commonly used for business, Toyota decided to come up with the Toyota Succeed as a more comfortable version of the Probox.

4. Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion.

When it comes to price, there is a huge difference of about ksh400,000. However when you look at the interior and the performance capabilities of these two vehicles, you will realize that the only difference lies in the grill. Even though in the earlier models also there was a difference in shape, Toyota has been doing a good job in trying to make the two cars look different.

5. Mobius 3 and Baic BJ40.

If you are a fun of Kenyan made products, then you must be anxiously waiting for the Mobius 3. However good it looks, there is no difference between the kenyan made Mobius 3 and the Chinese made Biac BJ40. This is the reason why some kenyans have been seen questioning the originality of the Mobius 3 and whether it will be manufactured in Kenya.

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