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Types Of limousines You Need To Know

We all love seeing beautiful limousine cars in our roads. Whether it's for weddings, night outs, or just you want to have fun. Limo are just too cool to hang out with. However you have to note that there are several types of limousines. These limousines includes the following;

1. Sedan limousine

This is a well composed limousine. It's a 4 passenger car. It's mainly used by business people and corporates. It's hired mainly from the airport.

2. Limo bus

Also known as party bus. It's bigger than the average limousine. It's bigger size allows it to have restrooms, drinking zones and disco lights.

3. SUV limousine

The SUV is used for road trips. You can use it to hang out with friends and families. It's bigger than the sedan limousine and has more comfort and style.

4. Stretch limousine

It's version is that of a sedan limousine. It's a 4 passenger car that can be used for family outings.

5. Hummer limousine

It's huge masculine features makes it attractive to the male folks. It has Tv sets and accommodate dozens of people. Men can play poker game while riding on it. It's mainly hired for weddings and political events.

6. Convertible limo

It's a regular limo, but has features on open roof surface. It contains bars and entertainment joints.

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