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Five cars that most owners will not let go of

If you have been in the car market for quite sometime, then you might have realised that there are some cars that don't appear frequently in the sales list . Here is why their owners just won't let go .

5.Nissan X-trail 2009

This car is what most owners consider a blessing , what you get from this car is a perfect all rounder which is cheap to run and spacious than rivals . This is a car that takes whatever you throw to it and promises to take care of you as long as you maintain it with genuine parts .The price is also pocket friendly as it goes from as low as Ksh1.55 Million

4. Toyota Crown

The royal saloon is an epicentre of comfort from its plush interior . it also has a stiff suspension that results in a quick sprint and definitely doesn't disapoint at safety features . It's not the most economical but owners just won't let go .

3. Nissan Juke

If you love attention then you own one of these .From its polarising look , The Juke isn't for everybody. Unless you own one of these you won't really know what it's best at . The interior has a sporty feel , it has quite well thought out controls , It is stable and doesn't disappoint at performance. Owners just love the commanding view of the road and the SUV feeling you get while driving .

2.Toyota Auris .

Being the most anticipated release of 2011 , the auris never disappointed it's fans .Anyone who owns one of these will tell you that it is an executive car in a small body. It is stable ,cheap to run and doesn't disappoint at performance either . Any one who owns one of these won't let it go that easily .

1. The Honda CRV

Owners of one of these will tag them at a higher price to shun buyers off since they can't let go . With its swift acceleration and perfect fuel consumption ,it is one of the most fun to drive . It is spacious with one of the largest spaces in the SUV class . It's reliable and cheap to maintain giving you complete confidence making it less easy to let go .

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