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What You Should Know Before Buying Nissan March

ou should pay close attention to the engine, transmission, and electrical system when performing maintenance. This is due to the fact that if any of the aforementioned parts are defective, you will undoubtedly incur significant costs.

It is no longer unexpected to purchase a kadudu in Kenya. The cost of repairs will, however, depend on the kind of little automobile you choose to buy. You might have to pay a large sum of money for repairs if you buy an automobile that is prone to mechanical issues.

It is advised to hunt for a different automobile if you want to buy a Nissan and are considering the Nissan March. The Nissan March has one of the lowest resale prices in Kenya, which explains why. Due to the transmission, the resale value is minimal.

The Nissan March was one of the unfortunate vehicles that arrived equipped with a defective CVT transmission when Nissan was experiencing CVT issues. As a result, if you buy a Nissan March with a CVT transmission, you will need to save up money to buy a new transmission. If you don't buy a new transmission, be prepared to sell your automobile for next to nothing.

The Nissan March's CVT gearbox issue is brought on by insufficient cooling, which over time wears down the transmission.

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