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Why Toyota Spares Are Cheap Compared To Other Brands In kenya.

When purchasing a car in Kenya, there is a high chance that you'll probably go for a Toyota. This is because it is the most popular car brand in Kenya and its spare parts are believed to be cheap and less expensive compared to other brands.

Apart from that, Kenyans also go for Toyota cars because they are reliable and can endure a lot of abuse without breaking down easily.

Whether you buy a Toyota or not, you might have realised that Toyota spares tend to be cheap in Kenya.

The reason for this is mainly because of duplication. When buying a brand new Toyota spare part in Kenya, you should ask yourself whether you are purchasing a generic or original product. This is because Toyota spare parts are prone to duplication. This explains why most of the spares in Kenya do not last long.

If you want to prove this, you should try to ckmpa4e process from your local garage and those of original spares from Toyota Kenya. You will be shocked to find out that the original Toyota spares are more expensive compared to Honda and Mazda spares.

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