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Popular Saloon Cars In Kenya And The Reasons Why Many People Purchase Them

Car ownership is a dream come true to many considering the fact that it helps many run their businesses and some for personal use. Over the years, the number of cars in our country has recorded a steady rise with car manufacturers producing fancy vehicles to meet the rising demand.

Here is a list of car brands you should opt for in 2021 which have been known not to disappoint due to their cheap prices and fuel conservativeness.

1. Toyota Belta.

Toyota Belta is a product of the popular Toyota company whose products have always been known never to dissapoint. Millions of people have purchased this type of cars and their reviews are really okay.

Toyota Belta is the best option if you are looking for a fuel conservative saloon car. With only Ksh400,000, you can drive this car to your garage.

2. Volkswagen Polo.

Volkswagen has been in the market for the longest period and has recorded a steady rise in ownership in our country. Polo is an amazing brand that you should consider due to our country's rough terrain.

On top of being a fancy car to own,it is fuel conservative and a second hand Volkswagen polo retails at Ksh 480,000.

3. Honda Accord.

Are you dreaming of owning a swift fancy car for personal use or even business? Then you should consider owning a Honda Accord. The car had been known to have a comfy interior fitted with amazing materials.

On top of this, it has thrilling speeds that will make your journey enjoyable. In order to own this car today,you will only need Ksh450,000 for a second hand Honda Accord vehicle.

4. Nissan Bluebird.

Have you ever observed that Nissan Bluebird is now a popular car on our roads today? Many people do wonder what might be the reason for its popularity. According to its reviews,its customers have shown contentment with many terming it as a fairly cheap and easy to maintain car.

With a price of Ksh500,000, you can drive this amazing Nissan Bluebird to your garage.

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