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Betty Bayo Gives An Inspirational Story About a Car

This is a car, covered in mud and dirt. The driver understands that he is driving in a muddy environment. He does not stop to first clean the rest of the car. He simply ensures that the windscreen is clean and clear as he drives ahead.

This in many ways represents our pursuits in life- be in the struggle we are involved in, or any other venture. 

Will life throw mud at you? Most definitely!

Will people throw dirt all over you? ooh yeah!

Will challenges and tribulations come your way? Assuredly!

Question is, what do you do when this happens? Your attitude will determine your altitude. Your response will determine whether you sink or swim. Whether you fly or collapse! 

There is nothing that assists the enemy like seeing you stop everytime to concentrate on the dirt he is throwing at you. In the first place, that is his intention. Conversely, nothing destroys the enemy more than seeing you remain focused on the cause and the course despite all the mud they throw at you. That is the only way you can make it to your destination. May God help all of us to keep the vision, keep our focus on the bigger picture and keep the faith! ....Baraka tele

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Betty Bayo


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