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How to Check If The Mileage On Your Japanese Car Is Genuine

Thousands of used cars are imported from Japan by local car dealers each year, and dealerships selling such vehicles can be found all over the word - and Facebook feeds.  Those cars are sold through auctions in Japan, and then shipped to Kenya by sea freight.

But before they are shipped, the cars undergo a technical inspection in Japan by a company called Jevic Co. Ltd. If you have bought an imported Japanese vehicle in the past years, here is how you can check whether its odometer was tampered with:

1). Find your car’s logbook and note down the chassis number. This will include both numbers and letters and should be listed on row 'E' of your logbook, under 'Vehicle Identification Number'.

2). Browse to

3). Input the chassis number and hit ‘search’. Ignore the field requesting a serial number.

4). You will receive an e-certificate that includes your vehicle's details and its odometer reading at the time of the inspection.

5). Compare the certificate’s mileage count to the mileage on your car at the time you purchased it from the dealer. You can find that figure at the top of the third page of your logbook, under 'last recorded vehicle mileage'. The logbook notes the mileage at the time it was created, meaning you can only use this figure if your car was directly imported from Japan

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